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Activities--HLOA volunteers at work

Architectural Control

Lot improvements require prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). See application below. In addition, before submitting an application please review the ACC Approval Process and Guidelines (also below). Finally, please take the time to read the HLOA's CC&Rs and the Companion Document (especially Section 9).

Water Committee

The Community water system is the life blood of the High Lostine. Regulated by the state, it is composed of a community well, a water reservoir, and a distribution system. Detailed information is available in a separate section called Water System.

CC&R Committee

The CC&Rs' Committee coordinates input from the membership regarding HLOA governance documents and recommends updates and changes to the Board of Directors for adoption.

Tamarack Road Maintenance

Tamarack Road is a local access road. While the road is "dedicated to the public", it is not publicly maintained. Therefore the HLOA is responsible for maintenance and snow removal.

Fire Committee

Fire in an Urban-Rural Interface is an ever-present danger.  We work hard to lower risks and to be prepared.

Weed Committee

The HLOA works together as a community to fight invasive weeds within our subdivision. In 2023 we published a revised weed guide tailored to our local area. In addition, the County has a list of certified spray contractors and a cost share program for weed control treatments that will cover 50% of the expense (up to $500). To learn more, contact the Wallowa County Vegetation Manager Andy Marcum (541) 426-4543 ext 1206,

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